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19 August 2008

Between Earth & Sky

Here we are. . . . between earth and sky. What will we do? Why are you here? Does any of this life matter? Have you ever had a moment when everything just seemed to make sense -- for one fleeting moment you understood your place in this life? Then, just as it came fluttering into your understanding, it flew away again like that slow but elusive butterfly you can never catch. A moment of clarity, then you hear the car horn down the street; the rude woman who lives next door is yelling at her kids again; the construction workers across the street drop a pipe that clatters and shatters your concentration. This is why I love photography so much. I carry my camera every where because these moments come and go so quickly that unless you have something tangible to stir the memory, the connection is lost forever. It is strange, but in these precious moments when I experience that inarticulable understanding, I feel a most profound sadness. The world could be such a paradise if we could only embrace each other as part of a marvelous whole.


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