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17 August 2008

Bringer of Liberty

So many have died for Liberty; or so we've been told that is why they died. I wonder how the families of the men, women and even children who were murdered by lynch mobs felt when they looked at images of Her. As they hanged from trees, strung up and dying, their punishment for the sin of being born Black in White America, were their last thoughts of freedom and liberty? Liberty has offered no apology to the survivors of Her dirty little secret of murder in America. And I wonder about the thousands of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki whose last sight was a bright flash of light. What were their thoughts on those two infamous days in history? What were their plans before disappearing in a firestorm set upon them by this Bringer of Liberty. And in the deserts of Iraq, have the children ever seen Her image? Are the mothers and fathers inconsolable with grief for their dead babies glad for the freedom Her warriors have given them? Her brand of freedom comes from bombs and guns and dead children. Korea; Vietnam; Afghanistan; Greneda; Cambodia; Somalia. You tell me that their blood was shed for my freedom. Oh Liberty, have you always been such a liar?


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