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17 August 2008

I Don't Care

Today I read a blog/journal post on another site that is an excellent example of what is wrong with the world. The writer posted an email that he received which repeats over and over, "I don't care." The original Ask Me if I Care About 'Mishandling of Koran was written by Doug Patton and published on the internet on 06 June 2005. "I don't care" is a dangerous and hateful attitude. It is the same "stick it to 'em" cowboy politics that George W. Bush is infamous for. He doesn't care and apparently neither does Doug Patton. "I don't care" is bigoted and hateful because it reduces human beings and their feelings to nothing but ideas. It is easier to bomb an idea than a human being. There is no help for improvement of the human race as long as "I don't care" is the prevailing attitude. The same has been said time and again about the homeless, the poor, the mentally ill, the prisoners, the families of prisoners, the drug addict, the alcoholic, the hopeless, those suffering from HIV/AIDS, those who have lost limbs and lost their lives to enrich the diamond traders, and the helpless from all corners of our Big Blue Marble. We had better start caring or our society is in grave peril of complete collapse. And when this society does collapse, the fall of the Trade Center buildings will seem like a mere puff of smoke in comparison. God (or whatever power you pray to) help the human race.
The Earth's a Big Blue Marble when you see it from out there.
The sun and moon declare our beauty's very rare.
Folks are folks and kids are kids we share a common name.
We speak a different name but work and play the same.
We sing pretty much alike, enjoy Spring pretty much alike;
Peace and love we all understand and laughter, we use the very same brand.
Our differences, our problems from out there there's not much trace.
Our friendships they can place while looking at the face of the Big Blue Marble in space.
Big Blue Marble, award winning children's program, 1974-1983

Freedom is more than a word, it is a way of life. Think free. Live free.


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