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30 May 2009

How the Right Tries to Conceal Its Racism

What’s the best way for a not so clever racist to deflect accusations or racism? Claim that the critics and accusers are the real racists!

Suppose someone makes a racist comment or writes something that has racist overtones? You, being the socially responsible person, say:

“C’mon, this is racist and not appropriate.”

The not so clever racist then says:

“You’re the racist! You always play the race card! Every time someone brings up [insert subject here] you start going on about racism! YOU are the racist! I have a right to express my opinion and you just don’t like hearing the truth!”

America suffered a relentless torrent of shouts of reverse racism during the 2008 presidential election. The vast majority of the electorate turned a deaf ear to the ear splitting screeching cacophony from the Right. After 232 long years (many of those years dark and shameful) Americans finally elected a Black president.

Despite apocalyptic warnings from the Right of the dire consequences associated with electing President Obama, the world did not blow up and the dead did not rise from the grave. So what will the Right do for an encore? Following the nomination of Judge Sotomayor to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, they are replaying the same sad song that was rejected by reasonable people during the 2008 campaign – reverse racism!

The Right Wing has blasted the air waves with claims that Sotomayor is a reverse racist. What the hell is reverse racism you ask? Reverse racism is how the racist disguises his/her racism. They accuse the Hispanic female of racism against the White male.

Their defense of the White male in American society causes me to I think they are more upset that President Obama’s pick is an Hispanic woman. Women are frequent targets of the Right. Gordon Liddy seems more concerned with her gender than her race. His comments about her menstruating are disgusting, but not at all surprising.

Bill O’Reilly of Real Clear Politics is a real clear racist trying to disguise his ignorant rants as news and political commentary. Newt Gingrich is yesterday’s news. Rush Limbaugh? There are no words strong enough to describe this sack o’ shit. He strives to keep himself relevant in an increasingly irrelevant section of our society. Newsmax has maxed out the American public with its racist gibberish disguised as news.

Some of my readers may think that we should just ignore the racist rants of the Right Wing. Afterall, they are not going to shut up anytime soon, and any rational discourse with the Right is simply not possible. So why do I, and thousands of other bloggers, persist in the battle against the Right? I can’t speak for the others, but for me it is a matter of survival. By this I mean if we are to ever achieve real equality and liberty in this Country, we – the progressive, the liberal, the egalitarians, those who truly believe in democracy and all freedoms that America should stand for – must speak out against the Right.

We can not be silent now when we as a society are finally starting to break the barriers of racism and sexism. We can not sneak over or under the barriers that have existed for the past 232 years. We must charge forth and tear them down once and for all, relegating them to yet another sad chapter in American history.


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