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10 June 2009

I'm Not Buying It

Fox News went ballistic about the Department of Homeland Security report warning about extremists on both the Left and the Right. As is typical they focused on only that portion of the report that addressed concerns about Right Wing extremists. They defended the Right Wing as people who love the country. Now, following the murder of Dr. Tiller and the attack on the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D. C. by a White Supremacist, they are now talking about how we were warned by the government, and "here we are." Yes, here we are. Fox News and its talking heads have been working the wingnuts into a fervor, but now sound almost apologetic. It's as if they are thinking, "maybe we should have taken heed of that DHS report, huh?" I think Fox News is just trying to cover its ass and deny any responsibility for feeding the beast. Words have power.


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