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16 September 2009

A Mad Tea Party

Fox News is an amoral organization that fuels the fire and fans the flames, to inflame the right wing nuts who are one spark away from violence.  President Jimmy Carter spoke the truth.  The truth has no value for those who make it their business to spread lies and misinformation.
It should shock all sane people that protesters against health care reform carry signs with thinly veiled threats of violence and threats of civil war. It is one thing to protest against health care reform, it is another to make threats.  At one 9/12 protest a sign proclaimed, "KEEP PUSHING US. . . . FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS." Those of us who believe health care is a human right will keep pushing despite threats.

Racism Underlies Rage at Obama Presidency

Racist Idiot With Death to Obama Sign Detained by Secret Service


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