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10 September 2009

When the Fringe Becomes Mainstream

"The ever shrinking Republican Party," is how former Republican (Rhode Island) Senator Lincoln Chafee (now Independent) described the GOP tonight on the  Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.  I have been constantly reassured by colleagues that the right wing conservatives do not represent the majority of members of the Republican Party but are a "fringe element."  Following Senator Wilson's town hall like outburst during President Obama's speech to Congress, I am now convinced that the "fringe element" has become the mainstream of the GOP.  Senator Wilson opposes health care reform as well as equal pay for equal work.

Now what?  How do the remnants of the GOP and the Democrats handle an ever increasingly belligerent right wing?  We can issue reports and talk about it, but what can we really do about threats of violence?  Nothing really, unless direct threats are issued to individuals directly by identifiable right wing people

Question:  Since when do people rush out to buy guns following a presidential election?  
Answer:  Since the election of a Black Progressive Democrat.

The unasked questions are these:
1. Why do so many Americans feel it is necessary to arm themselves following the 2008 Presidential election?
2.  In anticipation of what event are they arming themselves?
3.  Who are they planning to shoot with all those guns?
I know the answers, and I suspect you know as well. 
I never thought I would see the day when it is dangerous to life and limb to be a progressive  liberal democrat in America.  

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