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15 November 2009

Sunday, Snarky Sunday

When THIS and THIS are associated with THIS it’s time to have a serious discussion about the real motivation behind all those tea parties and the people participating in them. Ok, I can hear it now – “Not all tea party protesters are racist” Really? It’s just a little free speech from da hood right? It’s just dark satire isn’t it? Only a little joke, c’mon! it has entertainment value. Let’s save the serious discussion for another time.

One has to wonder, at what point does veneration become a fetish? Gosh, golly and gee whiz kids! Why is this so awful but this is awesome great brilliant? Actually, this one is kinda cool. I am sure that the good American who created this lovely flag meant no disrespect to their Country. Of course, this is a patriotic statement. That’s right boys and girls! This lovely redesign of Old Glory just screams love for America doesn’t it?

Anyway, with all this free speech happening around the country, it’s easy to become confused. May I suggest a more fair and balanced approach? We all know who the real Americans are don’t we? It’s all about the First Amendment and no one gets threatened.

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