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30 May 2010

Copyright Infringement

 copyright infringement thief
My photograph Bottom of the Ninth has been a popular image for me, so I wasn't shocked to see someone had infringed my copyright by posting my photograph without attribution. Every time artists put content on the Internet we expose our writing and art to the would- be copyright infringer.  When someone uses one of your images without your permission, does not properly attribute the work to you, or offers your art or writing for sale as their own property there are steps that you can take to protect your intellectual property.  Watermarks, EXIF data, and disabling functions like "right click" and "save as" can help but are little protection from the infringer who really wants to use your image. 

The first thing to do is make a copies of the webpage that contains your content and then check out the post, How To Deal With Infringements by APhotoEditor.  It is extremely difficult to enforce your copyright in some countries.  Unfortunately for me, the website and the user who has posted my photograph without attribution (as far as I can tell using an online translator) and no link back to my website, is in China.  Most likely I will not be successful in securing removal or photo credit in this case since the website appears to be based outside the United States.  

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