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02 May 2010

Sunday, Snarky Sunday

I am so sick of the unoriginal Right Wing crap that is spewing out faster than a leaking British Petroleum oil well. The phrase Drill, Baby! Drill! introduced by Sarah Palin at the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate has its origins in the phrase Burn, Baby! Burn! uttered by the Maoist African-American communist activist Bill Epton. He was convicted of the crime of criminal anarchy just for uttering those words. Epton went to prison for his words, but Sarah Palin goes shopping on TeaKlan dollars after uttering violent rhetoric.
right wing
It really pisses me off when the right wing appropriates Socialist symbols that have long stood for equality, solidarity, and freedom and then twists them into bizarre parodies which they claim as their own. At least Glenn Blech and his gang of Constitutional Thugs used the appropriate symbolism on at least one of their logos. Has anyone besides me noticed that Glenn Beck’s Constitutional Watchdog Symbol features the image of a German Shepherd? “Yeah, so what?” you say. Well . . . Hitler’s pet dog was a German Shepherd! And that red background with rays extending outward? Get out your chalk and your slate boards and connect the dots people! (See how easy it is to jump head first into the deep end of the lunatic pool?)

The Right Wing Christian loons denounced Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for his left-wing associations but today, they are quick to point out that the civil rights champion was a Republican without understanding why he was a Republican way back in the 1960s.
Remember all that talk about suspected Mexican immigrants committing all manner of crimes in Arizona? Seems stories about increased crime due to illegal immigration was all made up. Crime is actually down in Arizona. Imagine that! I made a snarky comment the other day about Mexico issuing a travel advisory about Arizona, and guess what? Mexico issued a travel advisory about travel to Arizona. Ten more States are considering immigration laws similar to Aryanzona. Show me your paperz pleez.
As much as the Right Wing claims to hate Big Brother they sure wanna do a lot of Big Brotherish type things to people. Okay, so it’s not Big Brother when THEY do it.
Forget about reviving the old House Un- American Activities Committee – HUAC We now have a new HUAC : the Homosexual Un- American Activities Committee. Are you now or have you ever been a member of the homosexual community? THEY have a right to know.
gay rights
What do Glenn Blech and Joseph McCarthy have in common besides everything? They both cried on camera. Que the crocodile tears ya big faker!

“Open your mouth really big like you're wailing.”

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