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23 May 2010

Sunday, Snarky Sunday

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So, Texas rewrote American history and redacted Thomas Jefferson. I wonder if Thomas Paine is still listed as a Founding Father in Texas? Why would they redact Thomas Jefferson? Well, it’s that separation of church and state thing he wrote about. Actually, what he wrote was the First Amendment provision about no establishment of religion built a a wall of separation between Church & State. Then there’s that ever bothersome thorn in the side of those who would see America become a theocracy: The Treaty of Tripoli. You know, Texas – if you get to digging around in history you might find that you will have to scrap the whole lot of Founding Fathers as not Christian enough to be real Americans.

Science has found that religion and religious experience is really all in your head anyway. Where do religious people get off telling everyone else how to live, especially since the men of the Christian right can’t keep their tallywhackers in their pants?

Kentucky Republicans selected the extremist Rand Paul to be their choice to go against the Democrat Jack Conway in November 2010. I am a native of Kentucky, and for the most part Kentucky is a conservative place. It’s famous for hillbillies and moonshine oh and the Kentucky Derby. But Kentucky is infamous for voter fraud and election day intimidation. Google that shit.

Is Fox News trying to court the Latino community? Will website users have to show their papers before registering on the site?

How can the Tea Party crowd be for smaller government and freedom from government intrusion into our personal lives, yet some members advocate for government bans on abortion? The first article in their Contract from America purports to champion individual liberty. Woot! They stand for a woman’s right to choose! Er, don’t they? I mean, women are individuals entitled to liberty, right? HELL NO! The newest darling of the Tea Party from Kentucky is 100% pro- life. Wait! But, but but . . . I thought you guys wanted less government intrusion into the lives of individuals? Rand Paul says, I believe life begins at conception and it is the duty of our government to protect this life. Oh I get it now! Liberty and smaller government doesn’t apply to women and their reproductive freedom, er . . . reproductive non- freedom . . .er, reproductive bondage. Paul believes that The Federal Government must return to its constitutionally enumerated powers and restore our inalienable rights. Except for that part about women, and liberty for them and abortion, and adding an amendment to the Constitution to ban abortion – you know, less government in your life unless you happen to be female.

Speaking of Rand, Ayn Rand, the icon of the Libertarians, supported abortion as an individual right. You want to keep the government out of your business, but it’s okay to demand the government intrude in the private, personal decisions of women and their reproductive health?

Teabaggers, take notes. There will be a quiz after the video.

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