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23 February 2011

The Uterus Monitors

Georgia would require a woman who has a miscarriage to PROVE it was natural and not an induced abortion or she would face life in prison (or the death penalty)? Have those idiots never heard of the 14th Amendment right to privacy and Roe v. Wade? Why this attack on women from the GOP?  Why all these proposed uterus monitoring  statutes from the Fascist Right Wing in America? A woman who has just lost a baby is supposed to PROVE she did not have an abortion – which is LEGAL by the way – or face prison?

The anti-choice people are also succeeding in getting legislation introduced in a number of states that make it justifiable homicide to kill doctors who perform abortions.  Are these the same people who support a new federal law that would permit hospitals to allow a woman to die instead of performing an emergency abortion. Hello? If the woman dies the fetus dies with her!  The Republicans and the Tea Party-iers have been squealing for less government intrusion into the lives of individuals and then proceed to propose some of the most intrusive legislation ever proposed in this country! Next thing you know pap smears will have to be performed with 2 Republican politicians as witnesses to make sure that the doctor doesn’t do an “illegal” abortion.

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