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02 July 2011

Pink Panther Magazine Issue 12

You don't want to miss issue 12 of Pink Panther Magazine! In this issue the artists, writers and poets explore the concept of emerging and becoming. The artists and writers of Pink Panther Magazine throw off their masks and explore their true identities. Cammy Ambrosini explores the reasons women are so bitchy to each other. Rosjke Hassledine examines the reasons women are so bitchy to each other. Tatum Wulff shares her tender photographs of children around the world. H M Bascom's article this month focuses on sexualized images of children in art and media.  Sybill Sterk's art is featured in this issue. Her work Becoming adorns the cover of this exciting issue. Poets Jakki Savage, Rowena Isidro and Dabne Brown will take you on a journey from sorrow to joy to freedom.

Buy your print copy at MagCloud.

Cover art Becoming © Sybille Sterk


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