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25 August 2011

Cantor Can't Be Serious?

I can't help but wonder what happens to the rugged individualism and boot strapping attitude of the Teapublicans and GOP when a natural disaster threatens their homes and businesses. Remember Katrina and the lower 9th ward in New Orleans? Irene has not yet made landfall and already Cantor is demanding more budget cuts to cover potential government expenditures to fix any damage that might occur in his district. George Bush largely ignored the people of New Orleans and FEMA failed miserably to provide adequate emergency relief despite the availability of resources. Who wants to take bets on FEMA and President Obama responding within hours of Irene scouring Cantor's district? 

Here's a thought Mr. Cantor -- instead of cutting more from the budget and placing increased burdens on an already cash-strapped middle class and the working poor, increase revenue by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, by reforming the tax code to close loopholes for the wealthiest and corporations and stimulate job growth by supporting government programs to repair our crumbling infrastructure. Are you blocking infrastructure spending because you are waiting on a bridge to collapse in your district so you can blame President Obama for failing to address the dangerous conditions of our bridges, tunnels and bridges?

You know what you could do Mr. Cantor? Refuse all federal disaster relief and tell your constituents that they are on their own. They will have to try to get a loan from one of the crooked banks or borrow it from friends and family. Hey, you could hold a town hall and charge your constituents to be told they will not be receiving federal aid because you just can't allow any more spending unless they agree to cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits. Yeah, you could make a few bucks for your re-election coffers and secure a few more Teapublican votes for standing up to big government and run-away spending on frivolous things like disaster relief. Or you could do what Governor Perry did -- make a pompous speech about refusing federal money but then sneakily take in when no one is looking. You could act like you have some common sense and compassion and accept federal disaster aid without holding it over the heads of your constituents like a carrot that they can only get if they agree to your terms. No, that would be asking too much I suppose. 

I hope that Irene does not land in your district Mr. Cantor because if it does, your constituents will be living in shelters while you negotiate (extort) more budget cuts before they can get help.

Source: Cantor Spox: If There’s Hurricane Damage, Costs Will Have To Be Paid For With Spending Cuts


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