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29 October 2011

Yellow Flowers

herman cain

In the past I've said that the GOP's vision for taking America back involves a bit of time travel - back to the 19th century. Herman Cain's bizarre man on a horse advertisement is ironically set in the 1800s American West. There was a time in America when a man was a man, a horse was a horse, and a man on a horse was just a man on a horse... unless he carried Yellow Flowers. If you can watch the video without throwing up a little in your mouth, you will discover that a man on a horse is just a man on a horse unless he carried Yellow Flowers because the man on the horse with yellow flowers is come a-courting a purty little blonde thang trying to protect her chicken. The man carrying yellow flowers will fight to defend the honor of a modest Western plains flower and her chicken against the vulgar cock-a-doodle-dooing of a couple of drunken liberals. The star of the video steps out of the filming at 1:38 to endorse Herman Cain and a stand-in steps in to finish dispatching the bad guys. This is where the real fun begins. A buxom blonde in a tight-fitting top hands the star a margarita but forgot his straw.

Here is my interpretation of the video script:

Nick: Where's the straw? You like your job?

What he's really saying: You best kiss my ass or you're fired.

(Woman's voice) Fabulous Nick. They're gonna love you in Guam.

Nick: Thanks babe.

What he's really saying: Yeah, yeah - whatever.

(Makeup - another blonde in a tight shirt) That was so believable.

Nick: Yeah, like you know anything.

What he's really saying: You don't get paid to think. You get paid to fetch stuff and look good doing it.

(Makeup) You're so pretty.

Nick: No eye contact.

What he's really saying: You are beneath me.

Hi .I'm international film and television star, Nick Searcy . . .

After whe endorsement  we are treated to that creepy cheesy I'm rich and you're not Herman Cain smile.

This video may be defended as a parody, but remember that parody starts with a perception of reality and exaggerates that perception. The reality here is that Herman Cain and the GOP have a perception and a vision of America where women and blacks know their place. The only black in the video is represented in slave mode and got a good beat down by the white man. Liberals are represented as drunken, tabacco-chewing disrespectful antagonists playing the race card when they can't win any other way. Women in the video are treated disrespectfully and dismissed by international film and television star Nick Searcy.  I expected Mr. Searcy to say, "Shut up bitch."

Yeah, but Hermain Cain is black, some will say. Really?

To summarize my interpretation of the messages in the video, Herman Cain seems to be saying he will sheperd the white man back to his former glory where blacks are forbidden from even making eye contact with the white man and a woman was a woman who knew her place - behind the man, serving the man, adoring the man who is her hero.  Herman Cain seems to be saying, "Don't worry massa I'm going to make sure you is alright."



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