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20 December 2011

Who Are The Bad People?

Wake up America!

From a relativistic position, one person’s bad is another person’s good and even most bad people have someone who loves them and thinks they aregood. Most would probably agree that those who rape, abuse, lie, cheat, steal, murder, hate and advocate hate and discrimination are bad people. If a person avoids doing these things then they are not bad right? It is not so easy to discover the identities of the bad people in this world. Often bad people are not even aware they are bad.
The worst kind of bad people are the ones who, at first blush, appear to be good. You are drawn to them because they advocate something that you agree with or you share common interests with them. Their badness is not evident until you have invested some time discovering their hidden motives and personal agendas. They manipulate you and direct your thoughts and desires. They tell you what to eat, what to wear, where to go and why you want to go there. They convince you to buy things you don’t need by preying on your insecurity and fears. The bad people manipulate your unconscious feelings and pander to your most primitive desires. They tell you that you are free. They have convinced you that you are in control of your future, but you have been programmed to respond.
When times are tough they hand you a convenient scapegoat and show which way to point your blaming finger. If your hours are cut back at work they tell you to blame the immigrant, yet they sell you over-priced vegetables and fruit picked by undocumented workers exploited for cheap labor. When fuel prices skyrocket, you are told to blame the oil rich Middle East and then they sell you a V-8 truck rated at 20 mpg for the small sum of $25,000. Your taxes are too high and they tell you it’s all because poor people and the old and the sick and the lazy are draining the community chest. You are ugly, get a face lift. More than half of all marriages end in divorce. When your marriage fails they say it’s because there are gay people demanding civil rights! You are not sexually attractive, get breast implants. You are not satisfying your mate, so buy this drug to make your erection last longer. Buy this dress. Wear these shoes. Drink this beer. Play this game. Paint your face with these chemicals called cosmetics. Wash your ass with this soap. You need this and you need that! Get it now before it is too late! Buy it! Buy it NOW because supplies are limited! You don’t want to miss the boat!
It is your decision to make, right? You are free to pick and choose, aren’t you? Really, are you? They prey on your fears. They have you believing that there is a terrorist trying to board every plane, ride every train and walking down every sidewalk in America – right now! They convince you to trade liberty for security. They need you to be vigilant and report your brown-skinned neighbors’ suspicious activities to protect the homeland.
The bad people have so thoroughly mind-fucked Americans that we will tolerate almost anything if it is done for reasons of national security. We will tolerate the most vile speech and the most hateful rhetoric. We have come to accept the most irrational explanation as long as it plays to our unconscious desires. For the most part we are even willing to blame children for our economic woes!
Who are the bad people? You should know! You elected them. You watch their commercials on the tee vee. You buy their products and you buy their hype. You vote the party line because they tell you the other party will destroy your wonderful way of life if they win. You swallowed it hook, line and sinker. They have reeled you in with hardly a struggle. When they pull out that hook they will rip your guts out. You are disposable just like your $200 8-slice chrome plated toaster with the faux porcelain grips. You have been trained since birth to consume. And consume you will until the day you die.
We can change our way of life, but it will take all of us fully awake, fully aware and fully engaged. Today may be your last chance during your lifetime to make a change.


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