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27 October 2013

I Smile

What do you want to see?
Why do you keep peeking at me?
Round the corner
Across the street
Peeping little peeper
Angry little man
I walk the dog
I drive my car
Peeping little peeper
Sneaky loser
Up the road
Round the block
I go to the market
I go to my job
Peeping little peeper
Dangerous liar
Stalker claiming to be stalked
Victimizer playing the victim
User crying he was used
Liars are liars
Angry little man
I smile
Small mind
Bleak future
Angry little man
I smile
You can't touch me now
And it infuriates you
My peeping little peeper
Put that in your book
I mock you openly
What are you gonna do?
Oh baby!
Look what that bitch wrote now
Infuriates you
Pissy little peeper
Poopy little boy
Pee in a bottle
Strum a new tune
On that cheap guitar
I smile knowing
It infuriates you
I smile

© H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved


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