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14 October 2013

Letting Go of Me

I met him on the slide
And for a little while
I went slumming
Long dark dreads
And smokey eyes
Found me weak
Found me speechless
He found the soft spot
Deep inside of me

I let him go before I left
For a dreamside island
Another plan
Lead me on my path
Far away from here
Found me free
Found me strong
He never saw
The very best of me

I met him on the slide
In a secret place
When I went slumming
Cast away
And past my time
I found the point
I found my speed
You never saw
The best of me

I left him on the side
For a seaside villa
Another man 
Called my name
With breathless voice
Found me alone
Found me free
He touched that need
Deep inside of me

I left him on the side
For a dreamland scene
Another man
Holds my hand
No more alone
Completely free
Letting go of you
Means letting go of me

© H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved


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