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01 November 2013

Fire Insurance

© 2007 H Maria Perry All Rights Reserved
Your religion is not a "get out of jail free" card. You can say "Jesus forgives me" but if you keep doing the same wicked stuff day in an day out, and if you never ask those who you have harmed to forgive you, you will never NEVER experience true peace. Hypocrites use religion like "fire insurance" professing belief just in case there is a god and it's safer to claim belief than to risk eternal punishment. You can't pay your fire insurance premiums with lies.

Since some people refuse to admit their offenses, I have no problem calling them out and telling the truth about their filthy, devious, violent, adulterous, bigamous, abusive, immoral and amoral behavior. If you really believe all that poison that gets pumped into your brain on Sunday mornings then you know full well that unless you confess, you are damned. You condemn yourself by denying what you did. 

So yeah. You're going to hell and I'm going to pour a little petrol on your knickers before you get tossed into that lake of fire. 


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