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09 November 2013

The Strangler

Once again
He grabbed me by my throat
Squeezing just enough
To hurt and make it hard to breathe
He knows how hard to strangle me
So that he doesn't crush my larynx
And kill me
He doesn't want me dead
He wants to torture me
To punish me
To make me afraid

It is the strangler
Who is afraid
Of everything
He fears being mocked
He fears being left alone
So me makes me afraid
To leave him
He doesn't want me gone
He wants to hurt me
To control me
To make me afraid

The strangler
Is consumed by fear
Of his inadequacies
Of his addictions
Of gray hair
He fears growing old and fat
He is always alone
Everyone he knows
Has left him
He drove them away

The strangler
Believes in an afterlife
He is afraid of hell
Because he knows
He makes his own hell
Here on earth
Every single person
He ever knew
Has left him
I finally left him too

The strangler
Moves from one to another
As easily as changing shoes
Because eventually
They all leave him
We all left him
One after the other
Some with children
Some without
In the end it is the strangler who is

© 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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