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13 December 2013

Honey Pie

He cut it with a silver knife
Fed it to his battered wife
She smiled and lived the happy lie
Solemnly ate the honey pie

Then comes his song writ to explain
Why she has bruises yet again
Same old song same tired tune
Fed to enablers with a silver spoon

You're not abused you lying whore
You bumped your nose upon the door
I never laid a hand on her
I'm glad to see you all concur

Make merry now let's drink some beer
My darling wife, come over here
Stop putting on your pity show
Can't you see I love you so!

You make me do these things to you
If you would only do what I tell you to
Don't cross me when my day is bad
You know just how to make me mad

I don't like it when we fight
You know that I am always right
Go fix your face you horrid cow
Come here my love let me hold you now

If you try to leave me  you will pay
You will do exactly what I say
Without you I would surely die
Don't you know you're my honey pie?

She pats the makeup on her face
Some scars can never be erased
She makes her mouth repeat the lie
And eats some more of his honey pie

© 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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