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28 December 2013

Offender Status

For the first time in your life
You don't get to call the shots
A raggedy car and a can of beer
Bloated face and liver spots
On that fateful night you cast your lot

In poverty you are doomed to live
But not the kind you think
Poor in spirit lacking love
You always teeter on the brink
People recoil at your foul stink

You think you have what you do not
You'd be surprised to learn the truth
Of what they say behind your back
An aging boy long in the tooth
Filthy clown, vile and uncouth

Beware of this Karma you call so oft'
Offender status, broke and drunk
Karma comes to those deserving
Whose lives are filled with worthless junk
Such as a selfish dirty drunk

© 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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