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12 December 2013

Standing There

Standing tall before the man
His head hung low
Heart filled with rage
Mind filled with lies
He knows what he did
Despite his denial

Standing there before the court
His cheap suit hangs
His shoulders slumped
Gut full of hate
He took the plea
To avoid the jail time

Standing there before the judge
Guilty, he admits
In court he was honest
For once in  his life
Then come the denials
When prison is avoided

Standing there before his friends
Cheap booze flowing
Loud music blaring
Bitch lied, he claims
He plots his revenge
Recruiting others because he's a coward

Standing there before the mirror
He sees the man he really is
An abuser, a monster, a liar
He sheds crocodile tears
To get what he wants
What he wants he can never have

© 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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