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02 January 2014

Amanda's Law

Steve Nunn had it all. His family was practically royalty in Kentucky. The son of former governor Louie B. Nunn, as a state legislator he championed women's rights and was instrumental in the passage of legislation to enhance the penalty for murder of a domestic partner for whom a protection order has been issued to include the death penalty. After two failed marriages he became engaged to Amanda Ross, an employee of the state insurance commission. The relationship soon soured and Amanda was granted a domestic violence protection order against Nunn following a violent encounter with Nunn. Nunn was forced to resign his post at the Department of Health and Family Services.

Nunn blamed Amanda for his attacking her, losing his job and ruining his reputation and career because she sought protection under the law that he himself championed. Nunn shot her dead in the parking lot of her apartment complex as she was heading for her car to go to work. 

Nunn plead guilty to murder to avoid the death penalty pursuant to the law that he championed and helped push through the state legislature. 

Victims of domestic violence in Kentucky may now take advantage of a law enacted in Amanda Ross's name. Amanda's Law allows courts to place a GPS tracking device on domestic violence offenders. 


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