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30 October 2014

Tea Party Zealot Posting About ‘Liberal F*ggots’ And ‘Muslim’ Obama Gets Secret Service Visit

Oh I do so hope this crazy person gets the mental help he so desperately needs -- and another visit from this Secret Service, but the next time they take him in. The video is shocking.


Drew Walker loves America - his version, anyway. This angry Tea Party zealot has been posting insane rants on Facebook for quite some time, ranting about liberal "f*cking f*ggots" and our Muslim President Barry Soetoro. "Every one of these douchebag motherf*ckers in DC needs to be relieved of their duty immediately, including Obama and that f*cking…

Super-'Patriot' Who Hates Liberal 'F*ggots' Got Himself a Visit From the Secret Service After Threatening President (Video)

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