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13 November 2014

Renew America Stole My Photo

For the record, once and for all, and finally, my photograph Blood Money is NOT in the public domain. This is my copyrighted photograph. 

I created this photograph as an anti-war piece during the Iraq war to illustrate the billions of dollars the war contractors were making in Iraq. Since I created this photograph,it has been stolen thousands of times. I have sent DMCA take down notices to so many websites I have lost count. 

The most popular use of my photograph is to illustrate anti-abortion sites. Now Renew America is in on the big grab of my photograph. If they only knew that I am a pro-choice, anti-war, pro-gun-control, ultra liberal, their heads would explode. 

I sent an email to the author and to the website demanding that my photograph be removed immediately. 

I also sent them an invoice. It's not likely they will pay me. 

Stop stealing my photograph! 


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