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28 March 2015

Today I Signed Indiana's Death Certificate

If this trend of "religious freedom" laws continues, and if Indiana is an indication of the future, it is also only a matter of time until we start seeing "Christians Only" signs at businesses. I haven't quite figured out how they will be able to test customers yet, maybe quiz you on the Ten Commandments or have you sign a declaration of some sort. Funny thing though, every atheist I know is more knowledgeable about the bible than most devout believers. That's why we are atheist. But I digress . . . . Crosses. Only people who wear a cross can come in the store. People with "Jesus Is My Co-Pilot" bumper stickers get a 10 percent discount.

Governor Mike Pence's "official" Facebook post about signing Indiana's bigot law into effect can be found here:

His first sentence would more accurately be stated, "Today I signed Indiana's economic death certificate and sealed my state's fate as a bigoted hell hole where no one will want to come. You're welcome."

Good luck, Governor. And good luck to the people of Indiana. You're going to need it. 


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