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17 August 2008

They Have All Gone

I don't like these mirrors that distort the light and confuse the eyes. This park was full of children when I shot this, but strangely they are not visible here. In this mirror, they have all gone but one. In this reflection of the world my son stands alone. Does this freakish fun house mirror show me the future? Will my baby grow up to be a man who stands alone in the world? Perhaps he will, and it will be my doing. I believe in honesty, integrity, strength of character. I believe in standing up for my beliefs even if it means standing alone. When I look around and I am the only one standing, I am not surprised and I am not afraid. When I stand up and speak out, I know that I will be attacked, targeted, and called names. This knowledge is comforting yet it makes me sad as well. When people respond so predictably, it reaffirms my experience that people are essentially the same. If my son follows in my footsteps, he may very well be the only one standing in the crowd of cowering sheep; shouting for justice in an unjust world.


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