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17 August 2008

Quality Corn & Firewood

When I was growing up in rural Kentucky, the local grocery store closed at 6:00 PM EST every day and was never open on Sundays. If you wanted anything from the store, you had to get there before closing. I lived on a farm, so the only food items we ever bought from the store were the things we could not grow: coffee, sugar and flour. As a child, a candy bar was a once in a while treat. Easter and Halloween were chocolate feast days. Christmas was a citrus fruit and chocolate cake bonanza. The convenience store means you can get anything you want, anytime you want it, at your convenience. The old home town grocery store shelves were lined with the staples, but the convenience store offers a fun atmosphere, colorful displays on bright shiny shelves, and tasty treats. You may have only stopped for fuel, but you leave with a bag full of empty calories and a cup of poison on ice. The junk here is taking your life, one sweet tasty bite at a time.


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