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24 August 2008

Miracle of the Blood and the Oil

It is amazing how the blood of so many soldiers and innocents can be miraculously transfigured into the oil that is again transformed into the life blood of the big oil companies and their investors. It is miraculous that so many people have, for so many years, given no thought to how that blood becomes oil that becomes the fuel we consume. The sheep have been sold a lie at the price of $4.29 per gallon. We drink their blood daily as we drive our SUVs around this Country, taking the kids to soccer, running to the market, driving down the block instead of walking. People of the United States of America must find alternative fuel sources. The cost of oil is too high--not in dollars but in lives. How long will the rest of the world abide our greedy need for oil? Put your lips to the rim and hear the proclamation of your responsibility: the blood of the innocent, the cup of damnation. HOME


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