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23 September 2008

Ordinary People

Ordinary people do extraordinary things. They rise at 3 am to work 12 hours every day. Still there is not enough money. Ordinary people ride the bus, and drive old cars, and walk to work. They sit by the river and talk to each other. They talk about the economy, the election, the insensitive boss at work. Sometimes they say nothing at all. Ordinary people love their children. They like cats or dogs. They cut the lawn on Saturday afternoon. Sometimes ordinary people stay home on Sunday to do the laundry instead of going to Church because they work Monday through Saturday. Ordinary people work in strip clubs and factories. Ordinary people complain about the President, and politics, and the rising cost of gas, but they love their country. They are European, African, Asian, Hispanic, male, female, young and old. They empty bed pans in nursing homes, and they empty their wallets when a neighbor is in need. They build bridges over rivers and between generations. Ordinary people have little, but the greater the need, the more they give -- their time, their money, their love. They work all day and go to school at night, because ordinary people want a better life. They wait tables and wait for pay day. They pay the taxes and pay the consequences when the government wastes their money. Ordinary people do extraordinary things.


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