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19 October 2008

Pick a Card

There is just one card in this deck— the wrong card. If any person plays that card, it is wrong. If any person accuses another person of playing it when there is a legitimate case for discrimination, that is wrong too. I am sick unto death of people accusing the Obama campaign of playing the race card. It is not playing a card if it is the truth. Addressing the undercurrent of racism in this election is not playing a card. Some people in America are ignorant and racist. Some people will in fact cast their vote for one candidate or the other based on his skin. Some people in America are so filled with and fueled by hate they can not see this Country falling down around them. The race card should never be played and no one should ever have to face being accused of playing it. But this is America and no matter how vile, ignorant, or racist your views, you may express them.


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