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24 October 2008

A Light in the Darkness

UPDATE 24 OCTOBER 2008 Troy was granted a reprieve from execution! Thanks to everyone who spoke up on his behalf! CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS STORY Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed on October 27 at 7pm for the murder of a Police Officer Mark MacPhail in Georgia, USA. Seven of the nine witnesses against Troy have recanted their testimony. They admit now that they lied on the witness stand. No murder weapon was found and there was no physical evidence to connect Troy to the crime. Read about Troy and please, urge the Georgia Board of Parole to reconsider and grant Troy clemency. What if Troy really is innocent? Seven of the witnesses admit they did not tell the truth when they testified against him. Should we allow Troy to be executed if there is any question about his innocence? Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty are working hard to save Troy's life. Please visit their web page for more information about what you can do to help. Please click the Amnesty International USA link to send an email to the Georgia Board of Parole and urge them to grant Troy clemency.


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