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05 September 2008

The State of the Police

Protesting used to be a constitutionally protected right in the United States. That is until the party conventions in recent weeks. I have been very disturbed by the conduct of police officers attacking peaceful protesters at both the Democratic and Republican national conventions. Police raided the homes of protesters and some were arrested. Why these raids? It seems to me that if you are engaged in a protest you will be the target of an investigation. Source St. Paul city council member, Dave Thune, whose district includes the theater building that the protesters were using as a central location denounced the police raids. He affirmed that the people had a legal right to assemble at the theater. Are we a police state now? Even members of the media were detailed for inquiring after the condition of some of the protesters. "Covering news is a constitutionally protected activity, and covering a riot is part of that coverage," Ake said. "Photographers should not be detained for covering breaking news." Democracy Now! Streaming Video A Bizarre Reaction to this Photograph The Constitution is History


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