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07 September 2008

Things you can't talk about in America anymore . . .

. . .unless you agree with the current administration and the conservatives, that is. If you do talk about these topics in a critical way, be prepared to be called unpatriotic and anti- American, dangerous, and much worse. You have the right to free speech, just be careful what you say. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

War in Iraq

You may discuss the war in Iraq only if believe that the war is justified. If you aren't with us, you are against us. And don't you forget it!

The War on Terror

You may discuss the War on Terror only if you accept torture and detention of persons without the benefit of counsel or formal charges. If you agree that enemy combatants are not human beings and should be tortured, then this topic is okay.


You may discuss this event only in terms of the dirty bastards that attacked us.

Government Propaganda

You have to believe the hype to talk about this issue. If you question the validity of the information, you may get your name on a list somewhere.

Gay Rights

You can not talk about this one unless you believe that gay people are going to be the destruction of civilization and they are going to hell.

Women’s Rights

Women have rights don't they? They got the vote, what more do women want?

Minority Rights

Everyone is the same in America, right? If you talk about this issue be prepared for the "America is the land of opportunity" speech, followed by the "there is no discrimination in America" speech.

Police Abuse

This issue does not exist. The police do not abuse their powers and do not beat the shit out of people. They are all true American heroes, especially since 09-11-2001. We all know that if someone gets arrested, they are probably guilty anyway.

Hunger & Poverty

This discussion is limited to how people are poor because it is their own fault in some way. You have to include the fact that there are social welfare programs such as subsidized housing and food stamps so what are they complaining about? If you criticize the government for not adopting policies to stimulate the economy to create jobs, you will be told that poor people probably wouldn't work anyway.


No one is to blame for homelessness. If you attempt to discuss this issue, you will be told in no uncertain terms that homeless people are crazy or lazy or both. Oh yes, you will be reminded that they like living in the streets.

Erosion of Civil Rights
You have the right to free expression, verbally and symbolically, just make sure that your speech is patriotic, pro-American, pro-war, and it does not question a single act by the government. If you follow these rules, you will enjoy the bountiful fruits of freedom embodied in the Constitution of the United States of America. I held up the mirror. They looked but did not recognize themselves. To view the reflection, CLICK HERE.
Is logical argument against the law? Track H.R. 1955 by clicking HERE


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