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30 November 2008

The Art of Self Expression

Self expression is an art. Feelings and intentions often fall prey to misinterpretation. The trite expression, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is cause of great consternation for me. There are images and concepts that are universally held as beautiful -- sunsets, babies, roses, the ocean. While other concepts are universally held as ugly -- child abuse, war, hunger, disease. Self expression is sometimes beautiful -- but it can be ugly as well. In a world where face to face communication has been replaced with cell phones, email, and text messaging and the important news about our world is summed up in 30 second sound bites and billboards, it is more important than ever to find an outlet for all the clutter and concerns in our minds. We are reduced to snippets of information relayed in the most efficient manner with little or no concern for underlying emotion on the part of the sender or the receiver of the message. The act of expression itself is a beautiful thing. Whether we express ourselves through art, words, dance, or any other way, the ability to express openly and unashamedly how we feel is indeed an art form. I prefer to think that "beauty is in the act of self expression" and hope that the beholder sees something worthwhile in my work. I do not expect to change the world. I just want communicate some of the things that weigh on my heart through my form of self expression -- feelings expressed with images and a few words thrown in for good measure.


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