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29 November 2008

Neocon Communion

I think it is a disgrace that religion became such an important talking point for the neo-conservatives and the Republican Party in general during the 2008 race for the White House. I was disgusted by the conservative attack on President Elect Obama. He was accused of befriending terrorists and of being a Muslim. I kept asking people "And just what is wrong with being a Muslim? So what if he is a Muslim? How is that a bad thing?" Dear reader, you may find this hard to believe, but one person confessing to be a Christian actually told me that only a Christian is fit to be President. When questioned further, this man went on to claim that since the Founding Fathers were all Christian, and since the United States was founded only on Christian principals, then the only right religion for a leader is Christian. His assertions are certainly factually flawed, but even if he were correct, which brand of Christianity should a prospective presidential candidate suscribe to? Colin Powell addressed this very issue and spoke the words I had been saying all along. In the United States the doctrine of Separation of Church and State is supposed to keep religion out of politics and prevent the Government from regulating religious institutions. When I read how certain clergy considered a vote for Obama to be a sin, I became pretty angry. I’m thinking if the Church wants to stick its big nose into politics, then they should pay taxes and be subject to government regulations just like every other big business in the country. Considering the current economic crisis we are experiencing, a few extra billion in tax dollars from the Churches in the United States would be a good thing. I discuss the issue of religion and the founding of the United States of America in my essay The USA and Religion.


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