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14 January 2009

Precious is the Memory

How will he remember me? When he is a man what will he remember most about his mother? The memories I keep close to my heart are simple ones: holding hands and walks in our neighborhood; swings and lawn sprinklers; gazing in awe at rainbows and sunsets; rolling in the autumn leaves and smiles; the way he says, "I love you, Mommy"; and how I felt when he said, "You are my best friend in the whole world." Remember Me by Matt Penfold

How will he remember me Will I shine in the eye of his mind Will the cut of my hair Or the clothes that I wear Be the memories left behind?

Or will there be more to me than that Will he notice and care what I do Will he stand proud If I’m stoned by the crowd ‘Cause I say what I know to be true?

To think for their child Is the art of the fool To surmise is indulgence at best But I’d say from the start That deep down in his heart There’s a place for his mother to rest.


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