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10 January 2009

Who's Watching You?

Have any of you ever heard of InfraGuard? I didn’t think so. InfraGuard is described as an information sharing partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector.

From what I have read on the official website and on the website for my local chapter of InfraGuard this is an organization of private citizens and approximately 350 of the Fortune 500 Companies, who with the support and official endorsement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and advice from the Department of Homeland Security “share information”.

While the FBI has asserted that there is no national organization of InfraGuard Members the member’s site lists the Dr. Kathleen L. Kiernan as the Chairman of the Board of InfraGard’s National Members Alliance.

Do you think the MATRIX does not exist? It could be that they have merely moved their operations to the State level. Wake up America!

The mere existence of InfraGuard should be great concern for those who still believe in free exchange of ideas and information, personal privacy and security, and the Bill of Rights.

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