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19 February 2009

Hate Speech From The Right

Are you female? gay? black? poor? disabled? Do you really want to know what the good Christian Right thinks about YOU? It is so vile, so offensive, so openly hateful, you will be shocked into action. More importantly, should the First Amendment protect hate speech? This issue is particularly current given the racist cartoon published by The New York Post on 18 February 2009. . MICHAEL SAVAGE on Autism MICHAEL SAVAGE on Arabs JIM QUINN on National Organization of Women BILL CUNNINGHAM on the Poor CHRIS BAKER on homeless and women voting GORDON LIDDY on Obama’s expansion of Americorps RUSH LIMBAUGH top 10 Racist Quotes
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To view the above cartoon on The New York Post website, click the picture, scroll down and select Year 2009; Month February; Day 18.


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