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01 March 2009

A Global Effort

In 2007 I found this little fellow, his mother and his two brothers abandoned and living in a pile of refuse near my home. They were all so frightened it took days to coax them out. Every day I left food for them, and after a while they started to trust me. I found them homes and as far as I know, everyone is happy. I donated this image to the Wildlife Appeal, a group of caring individuals dedicated to raise money to care for animals injured in the recent Australian bush fires. Too often the wildlife are forgotten. This is truly a global effort to raise money for medical care and awareness of the suffering of our animal friends. Artists and photographers from around the world have donated their art to the project. You can also adopt an animal in need of care. Won't you please take a few minutes to browse the Wildlife Appeal Gallery? If you are planning to buy a card for someone soon, consider buying one of these beautiful cards. Your gift will be a unique work of art, and you will be helping to rescue and care for the injured animals in Australia.


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