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25 March 2009

One World Currency & The Same Old Song

I have read that the global financial crisis is caused by growing Socialism. This sweeping statement (without any facts to support that assertion) was followed immediately by a warning that President Obama’s economic recovery plan is “dangerous and tyrannical”.

Why are so many people in the United States blaming the global financial crisis on President Obama? More to the point, why are people raising an alarm about China’s push for one world currency only now? CLICK HERE for a Reuters News Agency story covering this issue that is dated 17 September 2008.

September 2008? Wasn’t that a couple of months before President Obama was elected? Unless there was some secret Communist plot to change the calendar, I think that China was raising the issue about the financial collapse and one global currency long before the election. Let’s blame it on Obama anyway, shall we? The disloyal opposition depends on the ignorance of Americans who can’t be bothered to actually read or question anything. I keep hoping that people are not so dumb as to fall for the blame it on Obama sing song rhetoric of the fear and smear choir to undermine the economic recovery plan. At least Obama has a plan. I haven’t seen an alternative plan coming from the disloyal opposition.

How long will we remain a Divided Nation?


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