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30 March 2009

Fixing the Problem by Declaring War?

Any time that America faces a problem, the government declares “war” on it. We have declared war on:

crime poverty drugs terrorism sex pornography immigration

What we never seem to realize is that we are declaring a domestic “war” on the people. It is as if by “declaring” war the President & Congress appear to be protecting the people when what they are really doing is attacking the people. All of these “wars” are dismal failures because our government attacks people, not the underlying social issues that result in the object of the “war.”

We now suffering an (as yet) undeclared war on the middle class as our government bails out big business and Wall Street while those of us begging for jobs and struggling to survive are the casualties of this new war.

Maybe I need to rent all the Mad Max films on DVD to prepare myself for an uncertain future in America.


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