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02 July 2009

They're coming to get you . . .

The Census takers are coming to count you!
I sure hope the wingnuts do not respond to the Census. Besides facing fines they risk losing congressional seats. The Census numbers are used for redistricting and determining how many congressional representatives each State has in the House of Representatives.
Wouldn't it be awesome if all those Red States ended up with just one representative in the House because the wingnuts and dittoheads refused to answer the Census and did not get counted? For once, they have a great idea. So please, all you dittoheads, listen to your leaders and refuse to answer the questionaire, do not open your doors when the census taker knocks, and by all means, do not tell them how many people live in your house. How many dittoheads live in the United States? Well if they do as their supreme leader suggests, after the 2010 Census the answer will be zero.


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