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10 August 2009

The FOXification of America

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© H Maria Perry
There is no such thing as “news” in America anymore. All we have are multiple channels of propaganda. About half the population in my country has gone from merely annoying to completely insane. What a bunch of goobers to believe all they see and hear on Fox News (gosh I hate to use the words Fox and news together – there is something just wrong with that).

While there are very serious issues in this Country that should be addressed – such as the still floundering economy, the tanking of the housing market, the shockingly high unemployment rate, persistence of wage disparity for women, illegal immigration (and exploitation of migrant workers), increase in gun violence, school shootings, suicides on the rise, not to mention hunger, poverty and homelessness – the Foxified Americans are all sitting around the idiot box waiting eagerly for the next round of “make me feel good about my idiot self” lies. They savor each nasty morsel of sewage that Fox spoon feeds them, passing around the plate of waste to their friends and neighbors. The air reeks with the stench of the foul meat served up by liars, hypocrites, idiots, and faux news anchors.

The worst part of it all, there is no escape. The odor of the frying brains of the Foxified Americans lingers in the air like a rotting corpse – and it is spreading. At the market, the car wash, the gas station – there they are passing round the plate of putrid tripe served up on a digital platter by Fox.

There will be no discussion about health care in this country thanks to the complete Foxification of many Americans. Oh no – they will shout and threaten and bully until reasonable people just take their ball and go home. No one can have a discussion when Foxified brains are screeching about Kenyan birth certificates.

They actually believe that President Obama would kill old people. That is simply madness. No, no President Obama is not going to kill old people. You will still have the right to store them away in nursing homes where they languish and eventually die on their own. Never mind that you will never go visit them, and when they do die, you will look for a way to file a lawsuit against the nursing home where you stuck poor old mum and dad.

Many of my fellow Americans have gone mad – stark, raving, no turning back now, all hope is lost – MAD.

Thanks to The Frank Factor for the term “FOXIFICATION”
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