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15 August 2009

Mobile Fun

For all my European readers, I want to share a fantastic site for all the kinds of accessories and add ons for your mobile devices. If you don't know what you want this is the first place to look for. This site offers a wide variety of different products. They have iphone accessories at great prices! The Platinum Pack has everything you need and it's a great value at £25.94 ex. 15% VAT. A great iphone case is also available. An iphone car charger is an accessory that no one can do do without, and Mobile Fun offers the charger at a great low price of only £6.91 ex. 15% VAT. If you know what you want this is the right place for you. The site is easy to navigate with clickable images and clear descriptions of the products. I really like the fact that they accept PayPal because that is one of the safest ways to buy on line. Of course, you can pay with your credit card too, which is also convenient. Mobile Fun also offers cell phones, ring tones, and pay monthly mobile phones. Mobile Fun offers all the top manufacturers like Blackberry, LG, Samsung, Sony and Nokia. They have a great selection of ringtones and Java games for download as well. The site blog offers up to date information about products and services. Mobile Fun also maintains a forum where users can ask questions, discuss products and services, and interact with each other. I was impressed with the layout of the forums as user friendly and well organized. Everything about this site was easy to read, easy to navigate and the products are presented in a professional manner. Overall, the site looks great, their product variety is teriffic, and the prices are affordable. Check out Mobile Fun.


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