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16 August 2009

Where Is America?

Unbelievable that when shown a map with only AMERICA on it, 37% of American’s polled could not find their Country. What can we expect when Fox News wrongly labels Iraq as Egypt on a map? I award you no points.

Alrighty then . . . on to other news:

The pictures of elderly people languishing in nursing homes is the newest fear propaganda assault on reform debate. The photos must have been taken under our current private insurance, capitalist health care system since the bill has not yet been passed into law. If these photos represent the way elderly people are treated under our current for-profit health care system, someone might want to suggest a criminal investigation into elder abuse. Unless the photos are staged – but sheesh – the creators of this bit of free speech wouldn’t do that would they?

Why would anyone want to shut down debate on something as important as healthcare reform? This is from the same people who want government to keep its hands off Medicare. Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there? Medicare and Medicaid are government programs. Hello? No body’s home. [echo echo echo]

How can we miss Sarah Palin if she won’t go away? Please, Sarah, stop talking. You are already in enough trouble having been accused of attempted bribery. There are no death panels dear Sarah. You’re political career on the other hand is already dead. You need to pull the plug. The Birther Queen has stolen your thunder anyway. Move on along now folks, nothing to see here.

On a more serious note, nothing surprises me anymore. Swastikas painted on doors is usually the handiwork of the KKK and used to communicate a death threat. The Secret Service is going to have their hands full for the year investigating approximately 30 death threats against the President every day.

They’re just exercising free speech, right? You know, it’s one of the five rights listed in the First Amendment. to the Constitution. There are ten of those Amendments called the Bill of Rights.

Wait, where is America on that map again?


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