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16 August 2009

The Joke Is Over

So, I’ve seen a few versions of this on RedBubble recently (and you thought art and politics don’t mix?).

The image that has been posted all over Los Angeles, California made its way to Washington D.C. and the Secret Service is not laughing. According to The Hill the image was faxed to the office of Representative Brian Baird (D-Wash.) with the message “Death to All Marxists! Foreign and Domestic!”

This is particularly disturbing in light of the protesters showing up at town hall meetings with guns and making threats of violence.

These are scary times my fellow Progressive Americans. It sort of sends a negative message to the rest of the world about what liberty means in America when people are threatened with violence by their own for exercising the right to peaceably assemble and exercise free expression.

We are supposed to be the example of freedom and democracy. Well, that’s what we keep telling ourselves . . . .

Copy of the image sent to Congressman David Scott

Life in America without Socialist programs

FEATURED in Politics, Race, Sexuality & Culture

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