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27 September 2009

Monumental Idiocy

I'm always up for a good battle of wits with a wingnut.  Most of the time it's not much of a battle.  Often I will either write a snarky poem or create an in your face wingnuts piece of art.  Sometimes, I just feel like screaming.  This is one of those times.

I was perusing one of my favorite art sites when I came across a picture of the United States monument, Mt. Rushmore.  This image had Glen Beck's mug stuck right between Teddy and Abraham.  In addition to Beck's unpleasant face, three crosses were placed atop the mountain,  with the proclamation "Jesus is Still Lord" written across the sky just above Glenn Beck's name.

That image is wrong and disturbing in so many ways.  After I finished throwing up in my mouth a little bit, I read the description and some of the comments from viewers.  I knew the wingnuts were, you know . . . out there, but this takes the proverbial cake. 

Beck spouts hate, advocates violence, and is cruel to animals.  Placing Beck's name on the same page with Jesus' name is just asking for an earthquake or lightning strike.  I don't go to church but better safe than sorry.  Belief is  like fire insurance anyway - no one wants their house to burn down, but just in case . . . . I digress.  What really concerns me about someone putting the face of the Beckster on Mt. Rushmore is that anyone could hold him in such high regard. This is the man who hates 9-11 victims, called the victims of Katrina scumbags, and wants to kill Michael Moore.  Do the wingnuts really place him in the same category as Jesus? 

No effing way Glenn Beck's fat head belongs up there on that venerated mountain. Only idiots listen to him and he is singing skippity doo daaaah all the way to the bank with his $18 million dollars. What a circus act! and profitable too! While you wingnuts struggle to pay your mortgages and put "food on your family" Beck is raking it in! Those tears he sheds for America are tears of laughter. He’s laughing at YOU.

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