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24 March 2011

March of the Rats


Fat Rats with flesh between their yellow teeth
Spread the virus foul to extend their reach
Flea bitten rodents fear the light of day
A pox infected vermin stowaway

A fine line drawn straight between Hell and Earth
As Mother consumes young and afterbirth
The Father prances proud on arid sands
Directing a cappella all Rat bands

They stalked and trapped the prey their Owner sought
Identified their victims by their Thought
Groveling servant Rats brought home the prize
And looked up to their Master's rheumy eyes

Line up you Rats and take your rightful place
Among the fools the wicked and debased
March to the tune banged out on flesh drumheads
Mark the cadence with bone sticks of the dead

The land laid waste by Rat boots on the ground
The Master Rat hides safe in his compound
Contentious seeds of bramble bushes sown
What They did in secret now all is known

March on proud Rats parade around the square
Until the day you're caught by your own snare
The Master then will dine on your gray flesh
Replacement Rats are playing in the creche

© 2011 H M Bascom
All Rights Reserved Registered & Protected


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